New Site Design

Blessed Wednesday Loves!

Feelin’ all the feels today with the new look of my site re-designed. When I say everything in my shop is handcrafted and handmade......ya girl spitting truth right now. From the sketches to the layouts all the way down to the design and execution. Aquarians belong to a unique group of individuals who are future-forward thinkers. We are always in our planets inventing our revolutionary ideas and we view life as an endless possibility of inventions. The future? We‘ve been living it from the jump. That’s real talk.

We are officially three days away from my monthly pre-order unveils featuring ALL NEW Blessing and Protection soaps. ✨🙌🏾

If your new to my page be sure to check out my last post where I explain the process of pre-orders. More amazing things coming soon, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Saturn will form a square with Uranus today and if it’s one thing we know, there will be some type of tight grip. It’s the first of three squares that we will experience this year where freedom and stability go head to head. If you experience any setbacks, it’s only going to be temporary. We already had Mars semi-squaring with Chiron earlier in the day giving us the courage to stand up for what we believe in. If you’re looking for stability, then it will come as the Moon spends the entire day in the sign of Taurus. Things will work themselves out.

🌹Love and Blessings🙏🏾

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