Birth Chart Reading FAQ

Lashonia discovered astrology many years ago in an attempt to learn more about herself. She was determined to discover her true roots, beyond the genetics sshe was given and the traditions that raised her. Lashonia’s goal is that you leave her session feeling empowered by what makes you unique and with a toolkit for making your life better using the power of astrology.

What is a Birth Chart?

A birth chart is the map of the sky at the moment of your birth, from the location of your birth. It shows the positions of the planets in the sky and within the zodiac signs when you were born.

What is involved in a reading/consult?

In our first reading/consult, we review your natal Sun, Moon and Ascendant, planet signs and house placements, the elemental breakdown of the chart, the timing of the lessons of your chart, key transits, as well as current transits affecting you and your Progressed Moon cycle.

What information do you need for a reading?  

Ideally, your birth date, time and location are required for a reading. 

I don't know my birth time, can I still have a reading done?

Yes!  Without the birth time, some aspects of the chart cannot be explored, but many important themes are still accessible without this information. Your birth chart still contains a lot of excellent and helpful information, even without a birth time. 

Is the reading done in person?  

Most clients choose to have their reading done online via Zoom. A recording of the call is provided to you after the reading, as well as a copy of the chart.  In person consultations are done by appointment and require a travel fee if not in the Nashville area.